Source Books

Source Books containing the genealogies of each Sami Reindeer Project family’s first two generations in Alaska were compiled and edited by Ruthann Cecil, and made available at each of the museums where the exhibit takes place.

The first Source Book focuses on the Sámi families who herded along the Kuskokwim River east of Bethel.

This photo of herders from the Kuskokwim river area was taken in the living room of the Alfred Anderson home, Akiak, Alaska, in the 1930s. Front row, left to right: Per Spein, Ole Pulk, Per Anti, Peter Sara, Kristina Anti Sara. Back row, left to right: Alfred Anderson, Matt Anderson (from Naknek), Kristina's nephew Lars Nelson, Ed McCann and Mikkel "Mike" Sara.


The second Source Book focuses on the Sámi families who herded on the Seward Peninsula and around Norton Sound; this includes Teller, Nome and Unalakleet

This photo titled "Rain Deer (sic) of Nome, Alaska shows reindeer herder Andy Bahr (Anderson Aslaksen Baer from Karasjok, Norway) in foreground with unidentified men and loaded sled. Reindeer were used to transport supplies and food to the miners during the gold rush. Photo from the collection of the Anchorage Museum of History and Art.

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