Exhibit Artifact List


Large camp knife.
Medium-size scrimshawed camp knife. "1895" carved on the back of the sheath, and may be from Alaska.
Scrimshawed needle case made from reindeer leg bone.
Reindeer milking bowl carved from curly birch.
Scoop knife used to hollow out cups and bowls.
Hide scraper.

Curled-toe winter boots made from reindeer fur decorated with Sami embroidery.
Curled-toe winter boots made from reindeer fur decorated with Inupiaq embroidery.
Dried coiled shoe grass used for lining boots.
Hand-woven shoe bands.
Portable belt loom.
Woman’s red boiled wool cap with fancy embroideryWoman’s reindeer fur winter cap with colored felt tabs.
Man’s boiled wool Four Winds hat.

Reindeer skin decorated coffee bag.
Scrimshawed reindeer antler spoon.
Sami-Inuit reindeer antler spoon.
Silver spoon with ringlets.
Reindeer bone kitchen knife.
Birch burl drinking cup.
Birch root basket.
Reindeer skin bag with pewter embroidery.
Treasure or dowry box.
Toy cradle.
Copper coffee pot.
Birch wood butter box.

Rope lasso with reindeer antler slide.
Reindeer antler slide.
Fancy decorated reindeer harness.
Chip carved reindeer collar.
Iron reindeer bell.

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