Arran is the publication of the SAMI SIIDA of North America.



Árran Norway - julevsáme guovdásj/lulesami centre.

Eric O. Bergland makes Sami, Finnish and Nordic knives at the highest craftsman level.

E-skuvla gives Saami language lessons through the internet. E-skuvla tilbyr fleksibel læring i samisk. Opplegget inviterer til aktiv læring gjennom mye lyd og mange bilder, interaktive oppgaver og elektronisk lydordbok.

The Finnish American Reporter is a monthly, English language journal, established in 1986, featuring articles and news reports of interest to Finns across North America, in Finland and around the world.

Kurt Seaberg

Kurt Seaberg - Original artwork and lithographs based on Saami and Nature. His annual "Saami Spirit Calender" newest edition is now available.

Nathan Muus

Nathan Muus - Original world/folk based music with influences of Saami, Latin, Blues, Folk, Jazz, Rock, Bluegrass/Celtic and Country.

Northern Lavvu

Northern Lavvu designs and produces both traditional and modern style Lavvus (pronounced "LAA-voo", and often-spelled Lavvo). The people who work, design or mentor the craft of Lavvu making are of Sami ancestry and have experience in living and camping in Lavvus. Sami Elders have taught and guided the Lavvu makers in this craft.

Rauna Kuokkanen blog from Sapmi.

The SAMEFOLKET Magazine – that’s us! Our headquarters are in Östersund, a city called Luvlieluspie in the South Saami language. Luvlieluspie is situated fairly well in the centre of the South Saami area, of Sweden and Scandinavia.

"We, Saami are one people, united in our own culture, language and history, living in areas which, since time immemorial and up to historical times, we alone inhabited and utilized." Saami political program 1986/Saami Council statements.

The Sami Parliament's purpose is decided by Sweden's Riksdag and regulated by law. Forming the basis of the Riksdag's decision in December 1992 was the state hearing on Sami rights initiated in the beginning of the 1980s. The hope of the Sami people was that the creation of a Sami Parliament would signal the beginning of a new epoch with increased Sami influence and self determination regarding questions of occupation, culture and language.

Sami Radio

Transmitting in North-Sámi, South-Sámi, Lule-Sámi and Swedish, and featuring a lot of music programs. We see this as a service to all Sámis around the world, and it is free.

SAMI_SIIDA of North America

The Sámi Siida of North America (SSNA) is a major representative organization of the Sami culture on the North American continent. Individuals within the North American Siida share a heritage from northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula of Russia, or are interested in Sami culture. tells the world about the good things of the Nordic countries and brings people interested in Scandinavian culture together. Visit the Sami and Lapland Forum

On the advice of Dr. Sheldon Jackson, the Minister of Education for Alaska, the American authorities invited Saamis from Finnmark (the northernmost part of Norway) over to that wilderness state to teach reindeer herding to the Eskimos (inupiats). This is the story about the two great waves of Saami emigrants to Alaska in 1894 and 1898.

Sami Cultural Center of North America
Sami Cultural Center of North America

The Sami Cultural Center of North America is an organization dedicated to education about Sami and Sami-American history and culture.

Sami Culture
University of Texas at Austin

Experiential learning and scientific knowledge. Features slide shows, joik, scores of articles.


University of Minnesota Sami Research project

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