Issue 31

ISSUE #31 Spring 2009 Living in Two Worlds

"Listening for the Reindeer's Heartbeat: An Interview with Harold Gaske" Paula Palmer
"Váisi: Dreaming and the Sacred World" Elina Helander-Renvall
"The North American Saami: Colonized or Colonizers?" Liz Carlson
"My Home is in My Heart" Nils-Aslak Valkeapää

Issue 32

ISSUE #32 Winter 2010 The Saami Spirit in Art and Poetry

"Two Retrospective Exhibits" Marlene Wisuri
"As Long As We Have Waters" Paulus Utsi
"Sami Women Upholding Cultural Tradition" Rauna Kuokkanen
"From Lapland to the Sharon" Helen Berman

Issue 33

ISSUE #33 Autumn 2010 Our Spiritual Relationship with Nature

"The Importance of Place" Kurt Seaburg
"Animism" Elina Helander-Renvall
"The Rituals" Carol Staats
"A Musician Finds a Njuorggonas" Christina Johnson
"Lake of the Mountain Spirits" Paul Stonehill
"The Gift" Rauna Kuokkanen
"Through Our Elders’ Eyes" Colleen Reynolds

Issue 34

ISSUE #34 Fall 2011 Our Twentieth Anniversary Issue!

"In Praise of Sami Artists" Faith Fjeld
"Our Very First Issue"
"A Sami Trip to Pine Ridge" Vicki Lantto & Olav Mattis Eira
"Noiade Drums Found in England" Francis Joy
"Sami Games" John Kilbourne
"In Memory of Paul Schultz and Oscar Kawagley"
"Sami Roots in Lofoten" Marilyn Fowler
"The Magnetic North" Book Review by Barbara Sjoholm
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Issue 35

ISSUE #35 Spring 2012 Reconnecting

"The Bear Sieddi Stone of Njuohgárggi" Francis Joy
"The Sámi Jienat Choir" Lisa Marika Jokivarta, Niilo Vuomajoki, and Synnøve Angell
"Kiersten Chace: an interview"
"Two Major Sami Exhibits"
"The Lyrics of Sofia Jannok"
"Who Was John Saari?" Vicki Lantto
"Turi's Book of Lapland: a new English translation"

Issue 36

ISSUE #36 Spring 2013 The New Generation

"Decolonizing Education" Ruby Kark-French
"The Hidden Children of Eve" Kikki Jernsletten
"A Movement of Sami Youth"
"In Memory of Tessie Sheldon"
"Retracing My Roots" Melissa Lantto
"Sami Cultural Center of North America"
"Cutting Birch Leaves at Gidajohka" Tim Frandy
"Three Exhibits"
"Idle No More"

Issue 37

ISSUE #37 Autumn 2013 Restoring the Land with Language and Art

"The Critical Role Of Indigenous Language" Inger Marie Eira
"Art, Humor and Indigenous Survival" faith fjeld
"The Sami Language" John Weinstock
"Speaking with Corn" Linda Hogan
"On Language and Survival" Roland Thorstensson
"Cherokee Spokespeople" America Meredith
"The Language of Knitting" Laura Ricketts
"Sami Cultural Center of North America"

Issue 38

ISSUE #38 Summer 2015 Remembering Faith Fjeld

This special issue of Báiki is produced in memory of founding editor Faith Fjeld with contributions from Báiki writers, artists, and friends ~

Muriel Antoine, Liz Carlson,
Ruthanne Cecil, Kiersten Chase,
Anne Dunn, Tim Frandy, Harald Gaski,
Elina Helander-Renvall, Pearl Johnson,
Solvieg Arneng Johnson, Bruno Kark,
Rauna Kuokkanen/Philip Burgess,
Vicki Lantto, Hans Ragnar Mathisen,
Cari Mayo, Ham Muus, Nathan Muus.
Brad E. Nelson, Nancy Olson,
Kurt Seaberg, Karen Hilja Weaver,
Nils-Aslak Valkeapää, John Weinstock,
Aina Wiklund, Marlene Wisuri.

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