Issue 20

ISSUE #21, Spring 2000 Relating to the World

"Karl Linnaeus' Notes on Swedish Lapland" part two, Mel Olsen
"The Sami: Indigenous People of Northern Europe," Rauna Kuokkanen
"Sámi Oainnádat: the Special Sami Way of Seeing," Interview with Rauna Kuokkanen
"Tale," a survival poem by Inga Ravna Eira
"Among Sacred Oaks," environmental controversy in Minneapolis, Kurt Seaberg
"Tis Mal Crow in Swedish Sápmi," a Native American botanist visits Sweden with Sami crafter Anna-Stain Svakko
Give Us Our Skeletons! [Baiki Reviews]

Issue 22

ISSUE #22, Spring 2001 Reindeer and Subsistence

"Could Reindeer Disappear from Sami Camps?" Faith Fjeld
"Karl Linnaeus' Notes on Swedish Lapland" part three, Mel Olsen
"Subsistence in Alaska, Then and Now," Faith Fjeld with Lois Stover and Mary Eyman
"Mjándass Pyrre, Mjándass Woman," ancient Russian Sami mythology, Jürgen Kremer
"Dáiddaduodji: The Art Handicraft of the Sami, Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision" (Baiki Reviews)

Issue 23

ISSUE #23, Fall 2001 Water and Watersheds

"The Water Folk" Grey Eagle
"Think Like a Salmon" Philip Burgess
"Think Like a River" Ruthanne Cecil
"Luleju" Hans Ragna Mathisen
"Two Water Stories from Alaska" Mary Eyman & Lois Stover
"Between Two Rivers" Carol & Lillian Staats
"Saami Books in English for Young Readers" (Baiki Review)

Issue 24

ISSUE #24, 2002 Dedicated to the Healing Power of Plants and Trees

"The Healing Power of Plants and Trees:Sápmi" Elina Helander
"The Healing Power of Plants and Trees:Native America" Karyn Sanders
"Luleju, part two" Hans Ragna Mathisen
"The New Sámediggi Building " Martiga Lohn
"BÁIKI Interviews Sven-Roald Nystø"
Báiki Book Reviews

Issue 25

ISSUE #25, Autumn 2004 Sámi Identity in Art, Film, Music and Storytelling

"From Laila to Laila: The Sámi Image in Film" Jorma Lehtola
"Rose-Marie Hulva Discusses Her Work"
"The Tundra for Lunch" Nils P. Sara
"Image Makers - Image Breakers: All Sámi Music is Not the Same" Mathison/Stoor/Thorsensson
"Our Gateway Ancestors" Donna Matson
"The White Stone" Kirsti Paltto
"The Finnmark Bill" Nathan Muus/Johan Mikkel Sara

Issue 26

ISSUE #26, Spring 2005 Sámi Identity From Petroglyphs to Riddu Riddu

"The Sacred and the Forbidden" Maj Lis Skaltje
"Project Hommát: the Relationship with the Land" Nillas A. Somby
"Riddu Riddu - the Festival of Sámi Identity" Martha Agostini
"Balancing Cultural Tourism" Sven Haakanson, Jr.
"Our Gateway Ancestors" Donna Matson
and more...

Issue 27

ISSUE #27, Winter 2006 Taking Care of Our Relationships

"We are the Caretakers of Mother Earth" Harald Gaski
"Indigenous Values and Education" Anno Nakai
"The Noaidi and his Worldview" Louise Bäckman
Three Alaska Project family reunions
The Finnmark Act
Arctic Drum
The Swedish Bishop's Daughter
and more...

Issue 28

ISSUE #28, Winter 2007 Intergenerational Trauma

"Finding the Home Within Us" Liz Carlson
"The Skolt Saami" Irja Jefremof
Native American Voices
The Sámiráddi Meeting
Päiviö's Descendent
Review: Nicolai's Fortune
and more...

Issue 29

ISSUE #29, Winter 2008 Decolonizing Nature

"Sami Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Climate Change Observations" Elina Helander-Renvall
"In a Native Way" Tom Goldtooth
"Remapping Sápmi" Bård Berg
"Indigenous Spirituality Local and Global" Ebba Olofsson
"Searching for a Sami Cookbook" Petra Valentová
and more...

Issue 30

ISSUE #30, Summer 2008 Our Ways of Knowing

"Whispers Across the Ice: The Life and Death of the Arctic" Tångiaq Pearl Johnson
"The Wild Reindeer at Áhkobákti and Other Noaidi Tales" Tim Frandy
"The Sami: Indigenous People of Northern Europe," Rauna Kuokkanen, PhD
"Sámi Architecture" Joar Nango
"Manitoba Reunion 2008"
Review: The Kautokeino Rebellion Kari Synnøve Morset
"Our Gateway Ancestors" Donna Matson
and more...

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