Issue 11

ISSUE #11, Summer 1994

"Sami Identity: Accepting Responsibility" Elina Helander
"The Oslo Samis" Siri Broch Johansen
"B.J. and Oline Muus: the Sami-St. Olaf College Connection" Nathan Muus
"Stuorra-Jouni and Stallo" Mel Olsen
"Racist Portrayals: Outside Opinions" Faith Fjeld, Nathan Muus, Barbara Tan
"Mao of Sapmi" Nathan Muus
"Davvin 1" Aigin
"Báiki's Ancestor, Sagai Muittalaegje" Faith Fjeld
"Trekways of the Wind" by Nils-Aslak Valkeapää (Baiki review by Donna Palomaki)
"Environmental Confrontation Brews in Finnmark" Faith Fjeld
"North American Samis Participate in Sámiráddi Meeting" Susan Gunness Myer

ISSUE #12, Fall-Winter 1994-95

"Pekka Aikio: a Sami is a Sami" (interview) Nathan Muus
"The Crisis of the Oceans: the Indigenous Response" (editorial) Kurt Seaburg
"Diamond Mining in Sapmi: Trouble Still Brews" (editorial) Torkel Rasmussen
"Sami Concepts and Healing Methods" Elina Helander
"Sami Program at Concordia Language Village" Chris Sexton
"Sami Oral Tradition: A Treasure of Knowledge for Human Survival" Kerttu Vuolab
"Verddevuohta: the Sami Survival System" Edmund Grommo
"WCIP: When All Were Brothers and Sisters" Ham Muus
"WCIP: the Joik Revealed the Connection" Edel Haetta Eriksen
"Solemn Declaration of the World Council of Indigenous Peoples"
"June Stevne to Feature Sami Genealogy" Mel Olsen
"Sami Genealogy: Census Records" Phyllis J. Pladsen

ISSUE #13, 1995

"Duodji: Sami Handicrafts" Gunvor Guttorm
"How Reindeer Antlers Are Used in Duodji" Karen Elle Gaup
"Nils-Aslak Valkeapää Discusses His Work" (interview) Nathan Muus and Kurt Seaburg
"Nuclear Shell Game" (editorial) Kurt Seaburg
"Sportfishing: Helping the Sami or Helping Themselves?" Ljubov Vatonena
"Outdoor Expeditions on the Ponoi River" Nathan Muus and Faith Fjeld
"Building a Lavvu" (how to) Nathan Muus
"North American Gakti: Labors of Love" Anjati Kit
"Lappisk/Samisk Ordbok" by Konrad Nielsen (Báiki review) Nathan Muus
"Hear the Wolf: Grey Eagle, Storyteller" Karen Hilja Anderson
"Suvvá! A Sami Pastime" Máret Sárá and Inga Sárá

Issue 14

ISSUE #14, 1995

"Mari Boine: Eagle Sister" (interview) Catherine Azora-Minda
"Are There Any Sami Winter Solstice Traditions?" Nathan Muus
"The Majava Sami Snowshoe" (how to) Marvin Salo
"Sami-Anishinaabeg (Ojibwe) Connections" Carol Aenne and Paul Schultz
"My Adventures with Ghosts and Spirits: The Man Who Vanished From My Car" Niillas A. Somby
"The Ongoing North American Gakti Debate" Nathan Muus and Anja Kitti
"Goar'go: A Sami 'I.D.'" Mel Olsen
"One Day at the Baiki Office, 18 July 1995"
"Old Sami Proverbs" Rudolph Johnson

Issue 15

ISSUE #15, 1996

"The Coastal Sami, part one: Living with Nature" Mel Olsen
"Boats for the North Sea" Mel Olsen
"Sami-Inuit Connections" Ron Senungetuk
"The Art of Kurt and Albin Seaberg" Nathan Muus
"A Sami Show Band Weaving Project" (how to) Desiree Koslin
"A Saami Prayer to My Sister" (poem) Bob Esko
"Creation's Heartbeat: Following the Reindeer Spirit" by Linda Leonard (Baiki review) Kim Johnson
"New North American Sami Siida Newsletter (Arran)" (Baiki review) Faith Fjeld
"Balto: Just Say No" (Baiki review) Rudolph Johnson

ISSUE #16, Winter 1996-1997

"Two Sami-Related Exhibits at the Vesterheim Museum" Faith Fjeld
"The Sami and the Joik" Wes Ludemann
"Rigoberta Menchu" (interview) Nathan Muus
"The Coastal Sami, part two: The Great Plagues" Mel Olsen
"Even If a Hundred Ogres" (Báiki review) Faith Fjeld
"Pewter Embroidery" (how to) Desiree Koslin
"The Home That Lives in the Hardware Store" (editorial) Faith Fjeld
"The Fabulous Family Hololaiset" by Patricia Eilola (Baiki review by Mary Caraker)
"Gába - New Sami Women's Magazine" (Báiki review by Faith Fjeld with Per Eidspjeld)

Issue 17

ISSUE #17, Spring 1998

"The Sami Drum: A Spiritual and Cultural Legacy" Nathan Muus
"The Arctic is of Vital Importance to the Entire Planet" (editorial) Evelyn Hurwich
"Beyond the Wolf Line: an Anthology of Sami Poetry" translated by Pekka Sammallahti (Baiki review by David Salmela)
"In the Shadow of the Midnight Sun: Contemporary Sami Prose and Poetry" edited by Harald Gaski (Baiki review by Troy Storfjell)
"The Warp-Weighted Loom" (how to) Desiree Koslin
"The Warp-Weighter Loom at Ironworld" Mary Erickson
"Aurora Borealis: the Audible Light" Mel Olsen
"The Bot Who Teased the Northern Lights" (story) Grey Eagle
"North Scandinavian History" by Kjell Lundholm (Baiki review by Nathan Muus)
"Sami Culture in a New Era: the Norwegian Sami Experience" edited by Harald Gaski (Baiki review by Nathan Muus

ISSUE #18, Fall 1998

"Beyond the Last Line of Forest Trees" Pekka Aikio
"Profile of Two Generations: Synnove Persen and Charlotte Persen" Hanna H. Hansen
"The National Geographic and the Sami: Tell Them We Don't Just ander!" Nathan Muus
"Sami Women as Bearers of Culture" Jorunn Eikjok
"What Do You Mean 'Indigenous'?" Faith Fjeld
"On Language, Survival, Snails, Spring and Life" (poetry) Roland Thorstensson
"Celtic Connections: To the American Indian Peoples and to the Other Indigenous Peoples of the World" Evelyn Bell
"Sami Knives: Useful, Sharp and Beautiful!" Eric O. Bergland
"Wimme" (Baiki review by Nathan Muus)
Sami Bibliography (43 entries) compiled by Lars Nordstrom

Issue 19

ISSUE #19, Spring 1999

"The Reindeer Project Families: Kjellman Expedition 1894, Manitoba Expedition 1898"
"Following the Reindeer: an Inuit-Sami Chronology in Alaska" Faith Fjeld and Nathan Muus
"A Sami Family in Puget Sound" Elaine Hepner
"A Sami-Yup'ik Family in Alaska" Julia Hansen
"Folkevuohta: a Conversation with Johan Mikkel Sara of the Sámediggi" (interview) Faith Fjeld
"Coming Together in Poulsbo: the Centennial Family Reunion of the Descendants of the Reindeer Project" Norma Hanson, Bill Wilcox and Faith Fjeld
"Coming Home to Tana" Ernst Jensen and Faith Fjeld Reindeer Project Bibliography, Nathan Muus
"Awakened Voice - the Return of Sami Knowledge" edited by Elina Helander (Báiki review by Roland Thorstensson)
"The Sun My Father" by Nils-Aslak Valkeapää (Báiki review by Jurgen Kremer)
"Arctic Exodus" by Dick North (Baiki review by Jo-Anne Mary Benson and Faith Fjeld)

Issue 20

ISSUE #20, Fall 1999

"Karl Linnaeus' Notes on Swedish Lapland, part one" Mel Olsen
"The Cultural Struggle Over Reindeer Winter Grazing in South Sapmi" Anneli Jonsson
"Who Owns the Land?" (interview) Edwin Rensberg, with Claus Oreskov
"The Other Side of Sheldon Jackson" Nathan Muus
"The Building of an Earth House" (how to) Karen Hilja Anderson
"Hans Ragnar Mathisen, Elle Hánsa, Keviselie" (Baiki review by Solveig Arneng Johnson)
"No Beginning, No End - The Sami Speak Up" edited by Elina Helander and Kaarina Kailo (Baiki review by Jurgen Kremer)
"Gaaltije: New South Sami Culture Center in Sweden" Reino Jillker
"Raising Reindeer for Pleasure and Profit" by Gordon Poest (Baiki review by Lloyd Binder)

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